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Mobile Network Scanners

Mobile network scanners are specialized devices crucial for monitoring and analyzing cellular networks. These scanners play a vital role in network planning, optimization, and troubleshooting by collecting data on signal strength, interference, and network coverage. They assist in identifying areas that need adjustments to enhance network performance, addressing issues like dropped calls or slow data speeds. Additionally, mobile network scanners are used for competitive analysis, regulatory compliance, and assessing infrastructure readiness for the deployment of new services or technologies. These devices provide valuable insights, enabling operators and telecommunications professionals to ensure optimal network quality, meet regulatory standards, and stay competitive in the ever-evolving telecommunications industry.

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PCTel SeeGull IBflex 10 MHz - 6 GHz 08900S-E Multiple Band Scanner w/ Options

In stock: 1

SKU: 2775 7F01

Condition: Used

Price:   Sale price£5,945.75

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FOR PARTS/REPAIR PCTEL SeeGull IBflex 570MHz - 3.8 GHz Capable

In stock: 1

SKU: 6119 7A02

Condition: For PARTS

Price:   Sale price£1,015.75

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Save £299.25PCTEL SeeGull MX Multi-Band Scanning Receiver 07512 w/ Options GSM LTE W-CDMA

In stock: 7

SKU: 5178 7C01

Condition: Used

Price:   Sale price£1,695.75 Regular price£1,995.00

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FOR PARTS PCTEL SeeGull MX Multi-Band Scanning Receiver 07512 GSM LTE W-CDMA

In stock: 1

SKU: 5251 XXXX

Condition: Faulty / For Parts

Price:   Sale price£420.75

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