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LAN Cable Testers & Certifiers

LAN cable testers and certifiers are instruments used to  ensure the robustness and compliance of Local Area Network (LAN) cables. Cable testers evaluate factors like continuity and wiring configuration, offering insights into cable health. Certifiers go further, conducting comprehensive tests to verify adherence to industry standards. Common standards for LAN cable certification include those defined by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), such as TIA-568 and ISO/IEC 11801. By certifying LAN cables against these standards, these tools contribute significantly to network reliability, helping technicians identify and rectify issues, guaranteeing optimal connectivity and performance in modern network infrastructures.

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Viavi OneExpert CATV ONX-610 CATV ONX Bluetooth & Mobile SW Options

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SKU: 2471 2A03

Condition: Used

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JDSU TERA CLASS FA Link Adapters w/ Cables 2000-0263

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SKU: 4348 6B04

Condition: Used

Price:   Sale price£165.75

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Viavi JDSU NGC-4500-6ACH2 2x CAT 6A Channel Adapters for the NGC-4500 Certifier

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SKU: 5588 7G03

Condition: New

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